Writing Samples

As an undergraduate student in communications, my degree has helped to nurture my passion for writing. From personal branding, to academic papers and research, technical writing and online publications – I have experience in writing for all mediums.

Personal branding has become a mixture of social media outlets including Twitter and creating and maintaining my blogsite originally created in my visual communications class (BCSC 102).

Professional work experience as a Marketing Coordinator has helped solidify my writing skills for a targeted and expert audience. I have crafted product plans, marketing strategies, social media campaigns, and marketing plans since becoming employed with Tridon in July of 2015. My main writing duties besides crafting plans and strategies includes creating new website content with SEO optimization and managing Tridon’s ever-growing online presence to name some of my writing duties.

Here are some of my favourite writing samples are from my undergraduate degree. I had a multitude of opportunities with McEwan’s BCS degree to get creative with words.

My tentative top five list for written assignments:

  1. I crafted a media kit for Media and the Message (BCSC 352) aimed at our communications mentorship, The Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. My class had direct communication with the Stollery Foundation’s communications team and we met a few times during the semester to review the class assignments and to gain further knowledge and perspective about media relations.
  2. The BP oil spill. This case was intriguing and is still incredibly fascinating and relevant for today’s fast paced and growing natural resources sector and global environmental changes. Business struggles often call for organizational and communication changes. Here is a plan for BP’s internal marketing to follow that  supports communication in BP and their name change. (Strategic Communications and Planning – BCSC 310)
  3. Community Service Learning paper on the Youth Employment Partnership. This Edmonton based non-profit offered my Multimedia Authoring class team the opportunity to create three main communication products. We produced several website templates, a new logo with colour options and a WordPress blog.
  4. Editing issues, we all have them. This academic paper explored the editing issues legal professionals face in a largely based writing profession. This topic was examined through three legal occupation views, the law student, the lawyer and other legal professionals including authors and professors.
  5. The Facebook application, a widely used application on millions of smartphones and tablets everyday. In Technical Communications for Digital Applications I helped created a digital application manual directed towards university students, like me. This manual features advice, cool facts, usage ideas and the basics of how to operate, function and get the most out of the Facebook App. Check out the prototype manual for a sneak peak into the social media phenomenon, Facebook.


As these are only my top five writing samples from my coursework, there are still many hidden treasures I have written from over the years. Every communication course listed on my coursework page held a written component such as papers and written assignments, besides examinations and in-class exercises. I am well versed in a multitude of writing forms, audiences, and genres. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via email amandaseymour15@live.com or simply comment below for a specific writing example. 









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