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I am a recent graduate from McEwan University’s Bachelor of Communication Studies program. I am currently  Tridon Communications‘ Marketing Coordinator. My role encompasses managing all online presence of Tridon Communications, this includes their social media outlets, website, and blog page. I also fulfil project management duties, client and stakeholder interactions, and various communication efforts across all Tridon locations in Northern Alberta.

During my studies, I switched schools and programs a few times. I found my calling at McEwan in 2013. I became endlessly engaged on campus during my three years at McEwan. I was an elected Students’ Councillor with the Students Association of McEwan University in 2015 – 2016. I was a member of three SAMU committees: the Audit Committee, the Students’ Council Review Committee and the Bylaws and Policy Committee. Further, I was a Student Ambassador and I have completed a rigorous leadership training course as part of MacEwan’s prestigious program. On the side, you could have found me volunteering with MacEwan’s Office of Sustainability, the Welcome Centre and MacEwan International to name a few.

Now during my free time I can be found volunteering in the local Edmonton community or running a race. My interests include political affairs, social justice, animal rights, art and culture, and food (especially chocolate!)

My aspirations involve completing graduate studies and becoming an established member in the Business and Marketing industry – and eventually attending law school. As a personal interest, I also wish to run a full-marathon by 2017.

If you would like to know more about my work experience and community involvement check out my LinkedIn page or take a look at my resume.



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